Guardian Max

Persistent, Reliable, Safe the Testimonial of Successful Weed Control

Guardian Max is a long working residual herbicide for the pre- emergence control of a multitude of grass and broadleaf weeds in maize. The herbicide contains a proven safener and can be applied pre-emergence to maize without fear.

When this herbicide is applied on its own according to label instructions, it delivers weed control for 12 weeks. When comparing Guardian Max with equivalent products, its longer residual activity makes it superior. The active ingredient, acetochlor, has a low leaching index with the result that it is available in the zone where the weed seeds germinate even after heavy rains. Guardian Max has no waiting period and is therefore well suited for crop rotation practices.

Guardian Max is surely the top multi-purpose herbicide in the market, and can be applied as follows:

  • Pre-emergence of both crop and weed
  • Post emergence of the crop, but before weed germination
  • In combination with a variety of other herbicides