Conserve More

Farmers face a complex dilemma: They must meet a growing global appetite for both food and energy while conserving the vital natural resources so essential to their success.

Agriculture uses two-thirds of the world’s freshwater withdrawals. Couple that with many experts’ concerns about the potential impact of climate change on the food supply. Each year severe droughts in agriculturally sensitive areas affect local production and food prices.

One answer lies in unlocking seeds’ natural potential – achieving maximum yield and reducing the natural resources required to plant, grow and harvest every bushel. Today, the latest advancements in biotechnology and improved production methods help farmers squeeze more from every drop of water, fuel and fertilizer and from every acre of farmed land than at any time in history.

It now takes 30 percent less energy to grow a ton of corn than just a decade ago. It takes less water and less pesticide, too. As stewards of the earth, farmers naturally understand the challenge to conserve more. They deserve the best possible tools to do so.