Africare – Burkina Faso

Increasing Food Security awareness In Burkina faso

Since October 2006, The Monsanto Fund has partnered with Africare’s, supporting one of its projects aimed at improving food security and nutrition in Burkina Faso. The Houet Agriculture and Nutrition Alternatives for Revenue Producers (HANARP) project targets cotton and cereal producers in the Houet province of western Burkina Faso, as revenue producers, with food security and nutrition initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life in their community households. The goal is to increase food security awareness among revenue producers in 10 villages in the Houet province, while providing these communities with the ability to manage risks associated with food security and revenue production by building stronger and more diversified farming and nutrition systems based on local resources and demand.

Africa is a continent of farmers; about 70 percent of the population is engaged in agriculture. Yet, ironically, this is also the continent where most of the world’s hungry live. With a third of its people suffering from malnutrition, it is the largest food-deficit region in the world. In addition to malnutrition, food insecurity results in a wide range of health problems, environmental degradation and poverty. Conversely, to the extent that food security improves, most facets of life in rural Africa improve as well. With this in mind, Africare devotes its energies and resources to addressing the twin issues of agriculture and food security

Since 1970, Africare, an African-American led development organization working exclusively in Africa has been helping address developmental concerns including those relating to food security and agriculture. Africare has been reaching out to families and communities in some 25 countries in every major region of Sub-Saharan Africa, from Senegal to South Africa and from Chad to Mozambique. Since its founding, Africare has delivered more than $800 million in assistance for over 2,500 projects.

In Burkina Faso alone, over 50 projects have been completed. Interventions relating to nutrition, education, agriculture, natural resource management, HIV/AIDS and community capacity-building have been implemented and completed in the country’s 25 provinces.

With over 35 years of working with local communities in Burkina Faso, Africare has accumulated solid and extensive experience in the food security, agriculture and nutrition programmes in the country. Africare works in partnership with local Burkinabé organizations and professionals as well as the Government of Burkina Faso to implement its projects. Its interventions conform to national policies and orientations for the achievement of the Millennium Development goals.